Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the F45 Playoffs test you for?

The F45 Playoffs is functional all body, strength, agility and cardiovascular trial that tests you equally on all four disciplines and has become the benchmark for fitness testing globally.

Q: What is a great score and what is a bad score?

There is no great, average or bad score. What you achieve is a benchmark for your current functional strength and fitness.

Q: What if I can not repeat any repetitions in a station?

You will still get a score however if you do not complete a repetition in more that 2 stations you will not get a score.

Q: Where can I do the test?

The dates and locations for these events will be updated on the events section of the website, and posted to F45 Training's social media pages as they become available.

Q: How much does it cost to compete in the playoffs?

It is free to compete in the Playoffs. All you need to do is register and turn up on the day.

Q: How long does the test take to complete?

It is exactly 10 minutes to complete the 10 stations involved in the test.

Q: How long do I stay in each station?

You stay in the station for 45 seconds and complete as many repetitions as possible and have a 15 second rest before you change stations and move to the next after your 15-second rest.

Q: How do I submit a team to compete in the F45 Playoffs?

All members of your team must register as an individual so they can be allocated an official rego number. Once all members have their registration number, visit the "Register a Team" page and enter in your chosen team name and each individual members with their rego number.

Q: How does participating in a team work?

Each member of the team all completes the circuit. The score of your team at the end is based on the average score of every member in your team per station.

Q: Do I need to compete as an Individual if I have competed in a team?

No. If your score is high from your performance in your team effort, we will accept this as your Individual score, limiting the need to compete for an individual time. However you are more than welcome to compete separate from your team as well.

Q: When do I arrive and how long do I need to prepare?

We suggest everyone who wants to participate come down early, not only to prepare and warm up their bodies with adequate time but it will also give yourself a chance to see other competitors. We suggest you allow at least 30 minutes before you are due to start. If you are unhappy with your score you are welcome to speak to staff at Registration to sign up again to complete another time.

Q: Can I compete more than once?

Yes - you can complete the test as many times as you like at a single event. However it is important to note that we do not take your best score, we take your final attempt.

Q: Who wins prizes?

There will be trophies, medals and prize money for the Elite Individual categories; medals and prize money for the Elite Team categories.

Q: Can I get involved with the judging or assisting F45 HQ during the event?

Absolutely! We encourage F45 Trainers, Studio Manager or Studio owners to get involved as much as possible. Speak to your studio manager to find out how you can get involved.

Q: When are the finals?

Finals are generally held on the final day of the activation (Sunday), between 12pm-5pm. Any Elite Individual or Elite Team in the top 15 must be at the activation at the time of the finals in order to compete. If you are not at the activation at this time, you will forfeit your spot.

Q: Can I compete as an individual or as a team in multiple cities?

Yes, you can compete in multiple cities.

Q: Can we change or add a team member during the F45 Playoffs event?

Yes, you can change or add a team member during the F45 Playoffs event. However, your team must be finalised by the end of the trials. There are strictly no changes to be made after the trials close. All your final team members must compete before the close of trials in order for you to receive a team score and be eligible for the F45 Playoffs team finals.

Q: If my team makes the finals, but one or more team members cannot compete due to unavailability, can we substitute team members during the finals?

No. Once the finals are decided by the F45 Playoffs team, all team members must be available to compete. If not, you forfeit your position in the finals.

Q: Are there any individual or team finals?

Yes, there are individual and team finals at the F45 Playoffs. The Bracketolgy for both categories is available here: https://f45playoffs.com/the-test.

Q: How do I claim my prize?

If you are part of a winning team, F45 HQ will contact you the week after the event to explain how you can claim your prize money. Prize money can take up to two weeks to be distributed once F45 HQ has received all the details they need to process it.

Q: The F45 Playoffs leaderboard on the website is not showing my individual score or team score.

The F45 Playoffs leaderboard on the website and on the live leaderboard shows the latest scores, not the highest scores. Due to the nature of the event, the scores are constantly changing and this can take some time to sync with the online leaderboard. During the finals the leaderboards are switched off, for updates on where you are during this time please speak to an F45 Playoffs team member.

Q: When do I receive my score?

If you have completed your F45 Playoffs test you should expect to receive your score via text message within an hour of you competing. If you are in a team and you want to know your team score, this will be updated on the F45 Playoffs leaderboard on the website and the team captain will receive a text message too. Note: all four team members must compete before the score can be calculated.

Q: How is the team score calculated?

The team score is an average of all four team member's scores.

Q: What categories can I enter?

There are several categories available at the F45 Playoffs: - Elite Male and Female Individual - Elite Male and Female Team Individual (must consist of 4 males or 4 females)

Target Scores

1 ROWING 290 metres

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